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Sander Architects were approached to be the industrial design architects on a project to enclose an existing recycling center that is in continuous use 24/7.   As part of their mandate to improve the neighborhood, the client, new owners of the business, agreed to enclose the site.  Sander Architects proposed creating a building that would be utilitarian and beautiful, with the simple addition of large-scale super-graphics that reference the green leaf in the client’s logo.

The challenge of constructing a 260,000 sf building, while the site is in constant operation, makes this project unusual. Solving the logistics is definitely part of the pleasure of working on this project.

IMG_0756 copy.jpg
IMG_0758 copy.jpg
IMG_0753 copy.jpg
IMG_0752 copy.jpg
10-16-19 CRS-960-19 full size.jpg

Building In Construction as of February, 2020

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