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PRNFM "Radio for Professionals" here, 2016. Listen to the interview below.

KXLU interview featured on's blog here.
KXLU Mark Gordon radio series Center Stage. See interview above.
KCET series on Venice, California, Departures: Venice, the architecture episode produced by Juan Devis, 2009
KABC story on the use of grey water in Residence for a Briard 2009
Discover Channel's "Renovation Nation" features the developers of Residences at Wilson, Welly Yang and Dina Morishita 
as they discuss the green aspects of this project designed for them by Sander Architects, 2009

ArchDaily "Postopolis!" interview with Whitney Sander, April 2nd, 2009. See interview right.
Discovery Channel "Renovation Nation" (Residences at Wilson) 2008
HGTV Beyond the Box (Canal House) 2007
HGTV What's with that House? Episode HWTH-313 "Butterfly House and More" (Tree House) 2007
Travel Channel Amazing Vacation Homes (Residence for a Sculptor) 2006. View episode above.
HGTV What you get for the Money (Canal House) 2006
HGTV Small Space Big Style Episode HSSBS-307 "International Inspiration in Small Spaces" (Canal House) 2006

PRNFM 10.28.16Radio for Professionals
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