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The office provides an eco-friendly work environment. The benefit to designing an architecturally distinctive green office space can be seen in the potential tenants that it attracts. Sander Architects will occupy half of the top floor and we have leased the remaining space +/- 6,000 square feet to epOxyGreen, the largest source in Southern California for green design and construction materials.


The building has become the epOxyGreen Design Center, a ‘one stop shop’ for eco-friendly construction and design.
The epOxyGreen Design Center opened in September, 2009.

The Orange Office, in Venice, California, is immediately identifiable by its orange fiber grate exterior.

The design came out of a "guerilla" response to the urban context by creating a building intended to become a landmark on Los Angeles' most trafficked street, Lincoln Blvd: a surface street lined with used car lots, car washes and smog check stations.

In order to do this, the building is almost a prism - walls that angle to create a chamfer on one end, responding to the bend in the street and visible from blocks away. It is skinned in a translucent material allows in a soft diffused light while also diminishing traffic noise. The outer layer, a scrim of orange fiberglass grating reduces solar gain. At night, the building glows.

The roof will be planted - a green roof intended to provide respite from the concrete and ashpalt urban context.

Green Strategies and Materials

Orange fiber-grate screen diminishes heat gain

Translucent acrylic panels provide excellent natural daylighting.

Green roof (planned)

Low-flush toilets

Individually adjustable HVAC – up to seven zones per floor

Eco-friendly finishing materials including flooring, kitchen counters and cabinets, and low VOC paint

Low-energy fluorescent lighting

Energy-star appliances

Secure parking provided for bicycles

Access to public transit and other amenities on foot

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