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A law office performs many functions, for this firm a large portion of the practice is devoted to the protection of the underdog, a population with few advocates, few connections within their own community.

Sander Architects' office architecture design consisted of a large central gathering space for this almost commune-like law firm, in an existing warehouse on Pier 5 of the San Francisco Embarcadero.

The offices were a place of gathering for five partners fighting for the underdog on a daily basis

In this way, the architectural vernacular developed: a railing connecting to a stair with a solid steel plate that is bolted to the ground with 1/4" lag screws, a web of cables passing through a steel plate to create railings.

These were a deliberate insertion of precision into a rickety old warehouse space, perhaps a fitting metaphor for what these lawyers accomplish for their clients.

Total square footage: 6,000sf

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