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Based in Southern California, Sander Architects has built a reputation for designing buildings that redefine the modern aesthetic: the work is sensual, warm, and filled with light. Within this sensual realm, we adapt materials from conventional and unconventional sources and apply them in new liberating ways.

Hybrid Construction is one result of this design process. What we love about the part prefab, all custom approach to prefab is that this will be YOUR house, designed exclusively for you.

You might be a foodie and dream of an open-plan kitchen, have a fashion collection that is begging for extra-large walk-in closets, or own more cars than the average bear: the point is that no two clients are the same and we love to work with the individuals who come to us to design their home.

Once we have signed a contract, there are four basic phases:


Schematic design: what that means is that we begin with a series of meetings to clarify your needs and produce rough sketches and models--and these will solidify into a specific design for your home.

Design development: by the end of design development, you will have a set of planning/ zoning documents which we help to shepherd through the city or district in which your house will be built.

Construction documents: this phase is very much what it sounds like: the plans become a working set that a contractor will use to build your home. We also help you to select the contractor you will work with.

Construction observation: since we believe that design is an art, it's very important to make sure that the vision produced during design is what the contractor builds for you--so we participate right up to the moment that you are ready to turn the key in the front door of your new home.

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