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Hybrid Construction is the brainchild of sander architects | prefab. We use the concept of part prefab, all custom to design a house which gets you all the advantages of a prefab house and yet gives you a building that is designed exclusively for you.

Hybrid Construction is cost efficient.
> we use established steel manufacturers to create the bones of your house. This allows a budget of any size to go much further.

Hybrid Construction is eco-friendly.
> off-site fabrication reduces waste and energy expenditures during construction.

Hybrid Construction is versatile.
> whether a small suburban home or an 8,000 sf estate, the
part prefab, all custom™ concept can be used for virtually any scale project.*

Hybrid Construction is beautiful.
> the part prefab, all custom concept allows for infinite possibilities--the melding of prefab, art and architecture.

Hybrid Construction is personal.
> the part prefab, all custom approach means that this will be YOUR house, designed exclusively for you. You might be a foodie and dream of an ope-plan kitchen, or have a fashion collection that is begging for extra-large closets: the point is that no two clients are the same and we love to work with the individuals who come to us to design their home.

All that we ask is that we ask is that you come to us with an appreciation of modern architecture and contemporary design.

*2,000sf minimum: our system begins to realize its substantial savings at this size.

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