This project came to us from a creative couple who live in Venice, CA. We were tasked with creating a home that would include space for several antique printing presses, a substantial library of beautiful oversized books and an impressive collection of skateboards. 

Our collaboration proved fruitful, and a mutual vision emerged for a home that feels unique and personal. 


'Books and Boards' become the theme that unites this house.  The still-very-active printing presses occupy the back studio, with dozens of skateboards displayed on double-height walls.  The front living spaces are filled to the brim with bookshelves that line every wall, including the kitchen. 

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Sander Architects' principal architect, Whitney Sander, shaped the house into peaks and dips inspired by skateboard ramps.  The rhythm of the folds in the faceted metal skin is taken the couple's favorite David Bowie song, "Life on Mars."


The kitchen designer, Christine Scotti, a close friend of the couple, collaborated on the design for the book cases.   These wrap around the great room and integrate with the kitchen cabinets and continue around the television and fireplace in the seating area. 

The couple sourced some of the key design details themselves, including a paint-splattered gothic chandelier hanging over the freestanding bathtub in the master bath, and the dining room table with its attached stools.   The master closet was designed by the husband for his wife, as a surprise gift. It includes plenty of room for her collection of shoes and vintage clothing.


The owners wanted the house to have a strong indoor-outdoor flow, an outdoor seating area with a fire pit, a space for a grand piano, a workout room, home office, a dog-friendly house and plenty of wall space for art. The couple also requested a roof deck with glass railing to take advantage of a view of the hundreds of iconic Venice palm trees so iconic to the Venice neighborhood. The roof decking was designed by the client, and if you notice a British flag in the layout, you are not mistaken. 


Giant sliding doors open the house to () the side courtyard and front yard. The landscaping was designed by landscape architect Gerrit Goss to maximize the relationship of the interior with the exterior and allow the couple to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle so beloved of Southern Californians.