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This residence sis on a hillside overlooking a canyon that is part of a Regional Preserve, so there are no structures on the far side of the canyon. The view is incredible. From the street, the house has a subtle one-story presence.   It is sheathed in darkened steel, with a hint of black steel fins that allow daylight to filter into large outdoor courtyard while maintaining privacy from neighbors to either side. The entrance is down a dramatic stair that opens into a great room, whose back wall is all sliding doors and glass; drinking in the view across the canyon.  The middle level has four bedrooms, and the lowest level opens out to a swimming pool that functions like a reflecting pool in the early evening light.


This is a Hybrid House™ and the use of a prefabricated frame supporting the roof and walls is one of Sander Architects' specialties.   Green strategies and materials will include: site orientation to maximize passive heating and cooling, natural daylighting, super-insulation, recycled steel framing, cistern for collected rainwater irrigation, native plantings, sustainable building materials including flooring, cabinetry and insulation, low-VOC paint, Energy Star applicances, low-flush toilets and radiant heat.

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