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This project is a series of explorations into a specific site in Denver, Colorado owned by our client. Denver is an evolving and developing real estate market and both condominiums and apartments are attractive options for developers.

Local vernacular includes many buildings with brick exteriors, so our use of brick acknowledges the context.   The design provides a forward-looking twist through the use of color and different, subtle window schemes, which fix the proposed developments firmly in the present.


Our townhouse option has a push-pull façade to differentiate between the units and give each unit its own entrance.



The apartment option arranges all units around a glass-roofed atrium to allow the Colorado light to flood into the building, even in mid-winter.  One tall glass wall of the atrium faces the street and creates a dramatic entry that invites the tenants into a tree-filled, light-filled space on their way in and out of their units.


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