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Love Letter To The House of Books

Updated: Apr 26

1. Favorite place in the house and why?

There are so many favorite spots. The subtle curve of the wall as you reach the top of the stairs. The spot on the sofa where we can gaze up at the palm trees bowing in the breeze. The transitional spaces between the interior and the exterior. They all contribute to a sense of calm and coziness. All the best residential architects in California would probably agree that design has a direct influence on our quality of life.

2. Where does the dog spend the most time?

Moose is confined to the ground floor since Great Danes are not known for their agility on wooden stairs. He is like a furry sun dial, and will move around the room following the trajectory of the sun and finding shade when he needs to.

3. Most relaxing spot in the house?

The most relaxing spot is definitely the side yard. It is a private, serene, shaded, verdant place. Full of life - hummingbirds, bees, squirrels, butterflies - and yet still anchored to the interior spaces

4. Something that surprised you / we would never guess about the house? For example, your story about making friends with the crows would be perfect here.

The crows are a definite plus, as is the blue jay that shouts from the trees and comes to my hand every day for peanuts. It's a very “modern” house, so the big surprises really are the ways in which the landscape has remained so connected to us. The sound of the wind washing the metal panels. The beautiful light flooding every space and changing moods through the seasons. The sense of stillness within such a dynamic structure. The ability to open the house on both sides has given squirrels a convenient shortcut from yard to yard. Perhaps because of these transactions, the house retains a softness and warmth that belies the industrial materials.

5. Anything you care to share about spending lockdown / pandemic in the house?

We feel very lucky to have spent lock down in this space. We have room to breathe. Spaces to retreat, and spaces to come together. Special thanks for Jim’s studio space…magical things happen in there. Thank you :-)

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