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  • Catherine Holliss

World Class Concert Hall Sets A New Trend

“The recently completed Lowman Concert Hall on the Idyllwild Arts campus continues to be a source of sonic amazement as well as a functional musical environment”

We have recently completed the Idyllwild Arts Concert Hall in the mountains of Idyllwild, California. It has been a wonderful process because the acoustics are world-class and the building came in on budget, $4.3MM hard cost. This is so far under the cost of comparable projects that we are excited to share the good news. The acoustical engineers at ARUP collaborated with Sander Architects to create a hall that will showcase the music of the students on campus as well as professional musicians.

Fire-life-safety engineer Nate Wittaseck, who worked on the project, pointed out that this concert hall reverses the trend of institutional projects that have ever-expanding budgets: "we have seen museums that cost more than the art they house and this is a refreshing change to that trend."

The hall has its official opening in the Fall of 2016.

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