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X House is designed for a site that is over 40 acres of rolling hills in a minimalist landscape of sagebrush and broad sky.

The building site itself is in a low bowl at the base of a mountain, its upper edge limited where the rise exceeds 15% due to risk of avalanches.

There are two main views: up a canyon to one side and to a nearby mountain range on the other. That said, there are essentially 360 degree views.

This is a second home for the clients and their needs include plenty of room for guests, parking for at least four cars, lots of storage for summer/winter sports equipment, a great room to function as a crossroads/gathering place, a computer room where the family can spend informal time together and a private wing for the family.

The x-layout allows the central great room to have access to both of the key views and creates four main wings: one each for guests, parents, children and the last for common space (dining room, kitchen.)

Total square footage: 13,750 sf finished project.
This is one of our Hybrid Construction projects. Read more about Hybrid Construction here.

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