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Sander Architects has collaborated with the Ocean View House clients on a number of previous projects. Recently, with the addition of two active boys, it was clear to the clients that they would need more space.  Their family has always been drawn to water.  From a three-generation East Coast cabin on a lake, to the fact that the whole family surfs—and surfs well—and to the fact that both boys spend summers with the local Junior Lifeguards, it’s clear that their love of water is serious.

Water influenced many of the structure's design details. The orientation of the house, with floor-to-ceiling glass facing the white water ocean view, combined with a clear floor plan, allows a water view from the great room, the dining area and the kitchen. Even the home office was placed above the stairs to give an unobstructed view through the wall of glass. 


The entry has two-story stairs that float up past an interior wall with art depicting an oversized wave. On the exterior wall, tall windows create a choreography of changing views as you climb.

10_Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.09.26 PM.png
14_Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.09_edited.jpg
12_Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.10.04 PM.png

In the master bedroom, one floor down from the great room, there is a view of the ocean through large corner window that opens to allow the sound of the surf permeate the room. The master bath has a precisely placed vertical window that gives a sliver view of ocean from the bath tub.  All bathrooms have materials and details that evoke the ocean.

Throughout the house, materials were carefully chosen to be eco-friendly, kid-and-dog friendly, and robust enough to survive beach living.  The building steps down a steep walk street so that, although the garage is at street level, the house is three stories high on the ocean view facade.  At the lowest level, a hot tub and a patio enter into a media room used by sandy kids and dogs who scamper through on their way to the beach at the bottom of the hill.

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