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Designed for a hilltop overlooking an avocado farm, on a site with panoramic views, the house is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling curving glass walls. These are protected from solar exposure by the overhang of an undulating green roof that flows straight off the mountain-top. From above, the project roof will look like a meadow of native plants. From below, the low profile allows the house to blend into the hillside. At eye level, the glass walls, with their gentle undulating waves, make it clear that the interior has dramatic vistas from every room in the house.

This is a Hybrid House™ and the frame supporting the roof and walls is our Sander Architects specialty.
Green strategies and materials will include: site orientation to maximize passive heating and cooling, natural daylighting, a green roof, super-insulation, recycled steel framing, grey-water irrigation, native plantings, sustainable building materials including flooring, cabinetry and insulation, low-VOC paint, Energy Star applicances, low-flush toilets and radiant heat with an on-demand water heater.

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