This is a new type of house that we have developed, using a prefabricated metal frame, skin and roof. We have achieved unprecedented economies by using prefabricated building (warehouse) fabricators to manufacture the most expensive parts of the houses at a fraction of the normal costs. we have also achieved unprecedented scale: some Hybrid Houses have up to 30-foot ceilings. These part prefab, all custom residences have been extremely well received, and will likely redefine the way many houses are conceived and built.

Sander Architects is known for award-winning modern design, innovative use of materials, and strong leadership in the green movement. The Sander Architects brainchild called Hybrid House uses the concept of part prefab, all custom to create a house with all the advantages of prefab in a building that is designed exclusively for the client. The Hybrid House approach is cost efficient, provides lower per-foot construction and allows a budget of any size to go much further.

We have used the part prefab, all custom concept in projects ranging in scale from 2000 to 8000 square feet in rural, suburban, and urban settings. A melding of art and architecture/interior design, the design approach of Sander Architects creates international award-winning buildings that have been published in books and major magazines around the world.