Green Houses -- A Skin Story
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Sander Architects, LLC has developed a reputation for interesting exterior treatments. It’s all part of a philosophy that does not like to take anything for granted. We like to design interior fixtures and fittings, we like to design exterior surfaces.

When it came to our project, Green Houses, we worked through dozens of iterations of the original idea: a wrapping of bar grate over grey-green concrete board.

The skin, we worried, would feel like a prison cell if it were vertical and it didn’t make sense when we tried horizontal bar grate.

After months of raging debates, Whitney hit on the idea of creating a skin from 1" x 2" aluminum pieces. After many sketches, he settled on a 12 degree angle and went to work detailing how to attach them to the building.

That was the easy part.

How to turn the corner?

Our foreman Bugsy (Dale Everett) loves a good challenge and he made multiple samples of how the aluminum might be welded together.
In the end, everyone preferred Whitney’s first suggestion to place the pieces in relationship to one another without creating an attachment between them.

Here are the results.